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Chrome Salt and Pepper Grinders

Our chrome salt and pepper grinders are as easy-to-use as they are stylish. While all our grinders are equipped with either our diamond-sharp ceramic or carbon steel mechanisms, our chrome-accented designs add a sleek aesthetic edge that’s well-suited to any kitchen. Take your pick from chrome grinders across our collections — such as the Classic and Precision+ series. 

Whether you’re looking for features such as a grind select band, push-button operation, or an electronic mechanism, we’ve incorporated chrome into a variety of our popular mills. You’ll be able to add flavour to your dishes with a simple grind — making the art of adding finely tuned and subtle seasoning that bit easier.

Ideal for those on the hunt for a piece of high-quality kit into their kitchen, all our mills are designed to be easy-to-clean and a doddle to refill. And our designs? Choose from clear acrylic with brushed chrome and black finish or high-shine chrome accents. Versatile and understated, these contemporary grinders can both blend into the background and hold their own as polished staples.

Whatever your level of cooking expertise, a great quality grinder is the key to perfect seasoning.

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