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Precision+ Mechanism


Featuring a carbon steel mechanism that strips peppercorns instead of crushing them like traditional mills, a diamond-sharp ceramic mechanism swiftly turns rock salt into a fine powder. Maximum adjustability, for maximum flavour. 

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The Precision+ mechanism has now been installed in some of our most iconic salt and pepper mills. This includes our classic wooden Capstan model, based on the first wooden mill we ever produced in 1946, our original and iconic acrylic mill, the 505, first built in 1975 and our innovative Inverta range. Browse our selection now; they are all available with Precision+ in a number of different sizes and finishes. 

All Precision salt and pepper mills can be easily adjusted based on your peppercorn coarseness or salt flake size needs. Go rustic with chunks of cracked peppercorn over a bruschetta, or grind it to a fine powder for delicate sauces; you’re in control.

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