Sustainable Kitchenware
This collection of reduced-plastic kitchenware will make for a sustainable and classic kitchen. From granite pestle and mortars, to mills made from beech, these products are not just made to last with a lifetime guarantee, but also greatly reduce consumption due to not having to be replaced time and time again, reflecting in Cole & Mason's exceptional quality since 1919.

Designed in England, our exceptionally engineered Salt & Pepper Mills are the height of sophistication and elegance. Built to last and of excellent quality, you can trust Cole & Mason to deliver mills which you'll want to use over and over again. Not just stunningly well made, these stylish mills encompass everything great about the pleasure of cooking, featuring easily refillable mills, ready filled mills mills with adjustable grind settings, shakers, grinders, and more!

Every salt and pepper grinder we produce is a culmination of all that experience and expertise. They might vary in size and style, price and materials, but with Cole & Mason mills there are three things we always guarantee: innovation, style and reliability.

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