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Stemless Mills

Stemless Mills

We created our first wooden pepper grinder all the way back in 1946 with its classic Capstan design, famous for its shining wooden finish, stemmed middle and domed top. 

That model remains a staple in households and restaurants across the world, but we know that some cooks like something a little different, a little more modern. That’s where our stemless salt and pepper mills come in. 

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This stylish range shuns the classic stem of the Capstan and focuses instead on elegant designs inspired by the modern world. A number of our stemless pepper and salt mills are even inspired by urban British architecture like London’s iconic Gherkin building. They feature a clear, acrylic body that is easy to clean, and as you can see its contents, you’ll never unwittingly run out of salt or pepper. 

All our stemless mills can be easily adjusted based on your peppercorn coarseness or salt flake size needs, giving you the choice between thick and rustic, thin and refined, and everything in between. Almost all of them feature Precision+, a carbon steel mechanism that strips peppercorns down rather than crushing them, and a diamond-sharp ceramic mechanism for grinding salt, delivering maximum flavour with each twist. 

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