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Featuring the award-winning Precision System technology, combining diamond-cut ceramic mechanisms (for salt) and machine-cut, hardened carbon steel mechanisms (for pepper), these mills offer excellent performance and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.
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At Cole & Mason we understand that seasoning and flavoring food involves more than dried herbs and spices. Fresh herbs are used to lift the flavor of a dish when added at the end of the cooking process and are used in conjunction with dried herbs and spices to create a wealth of recipes.
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Our full range of oil & vinegar dispensers satisfy a broad range of culinary needs, from infusions to healthy cooking, all developed with our passion for design and performance which add to the pleasure of preparing, cooking and enjoying food.
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Our selection of seasoning tools will inspire you to make the most of the flavour in dried and fresh ingredients, whilst also adding style to your kitchen, browse our range of kitchen accessories to find the right tool for you.
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