Refill Stations eliminate unnecessary waste but how can WE help to reduce kitchen packaging?

The average home's kitchen waste-bin is 85% full of packaging. As the UK continues to champion that percentage with new incentives, here we unpack the benefits of re-fill stations here in the UK.

Using Refill Stations eliminate unnecessary waste and reduce use of plastic bags, packaging and potentially unrecyclable food waste cartons which take hundreds of years to biodegrade, disrupting the eco-system. They can displace and harm animal habitats all over the world in both waste disposal and production of new packaging, often using virgin-plastic.

Using the new Cole & Mason Saunderton Storage Shaker is a handy, eco-friendly and certainly guilt-free way of refilling your kitchen with those essential herbs, spicing and seasoning ingredients. Just pop a funnel over the chamber and pour in. This eliminates the need to buy a jar of supermarket spice which you would then only use once to throw away. Refill stations sell herbs, spices, cake decoration hundreds-of-thousands straight from the dispensers and you often pay less than the supermarket charges due to having saved money on packaging.

This guilt-free way of refilling the container in your cupboard is an exceptional idea, comes with a 2 year guarantee and above all, keeps the contents fresh, wont spill it's knocked over... what's not to like?

As refill stations gain pace and popularity, changes in shopping behaviour have made retailers re-think their approach to waste. Deloitte research found that 61% of people limited their consumption of single-use plastic in 2020 and 34% choose brands that have environmentally sustainable practises. 

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How can we work towards reducing our plastic or taking it away altogether?

Remove the use of cling film and use re-usable and re-sealable food storage boxes to store left-over food in the fridge. Cling film takes hundreds of years to degrade - more information here.

Think about how you decorate your kitchen - plastic heat-proof worktops may be a more affordable alternative but think about their sustainability. Granite and marble will be a better choice, as they are naturally derived.

Don't cook too much food than you need - as energy bills rise just measure out exactly what you need. Ensure you have a compost heap to dispose of the left-overs.

Consider using plastic-free kitchenware such as Cole & Mason Granite Pestle & Mortars and Cole & Mason Ceramic Storage Jars and Cole & Mason Wooden Chopping Boards, coming 2022. Our wooden mills use less plastic than their acrylic counterparts. Click here to view the range.

We hope this has boosted your eco, why not try these tips for a more sustainable kitchen?

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