Pestle & Mortars

Pestle and Mortars

Our range of pestle and mortars pays homage to the ancient tools used to create dry mixes, pastes, and sauces over thousands years and built with a keen focus on durability and practicalityThese designs bring them into the 21st century and are more than stylish to take pride in place in any home or professional kitchen

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This range of mortar and pestles includes heavy-duty, granite mortars that come with a durable granite pestleThis classic set, available in 14cm and 18cm, is ideal for hard work and tough ingredients but saves the subtle flavours that are blitzed away by the clumsy blades of a food processor or blender. Crafted to fit in the palm of your hand, all aspects designed to make grinding and pounding as easy as possible.

Also available is the elegant Suribachi, a beautiful ceramic set, equipped with a wooden pestle, modelled on the traditional Japanese Suribachi and SaraogiGlossed and beautiful on the outside and tough and rigid on the inside, this pestle and mortar lend itself to the creation of dishes from across the globe.

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