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Electric Salt And Pepper Grinders

Almost 20 years ago, in 2001, we introduced the first-ever Cole & Mason electric salt and pepper mill. Since then, our electronic mill selection has gone from strength to strength and we now have a full range of battery-powered salt and pepper grinders including a brand new, state of the art USB rechargeable mill. 

They are available in a wide range of sleek metallic or acrylic styles, perfect for adding a dash of individuality to any kitchen and any dish.

Perfect for multi-tasking chefs, electric salt and pepper grinders mean you can season your food at the touch of a button. They allow you to taste your dish with one hand and add seasoning with the other, meaning you can quickly and easily season your food to perfection. 

All our electric mills let you easily change the coarseness of your pepper and salt, depending on whether you want the salt flakes and peppercorns large and rustic or thin and refined. They all come with either our Classic sharpened ceramic grinding mechanism or our award-winning Precision+ mechanism, which uses carbon steel to peel the peppercorns instead of crushing them, both helping you to add maximum flavour to any dish. 

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