Top 10 Tips for an envy-inducing Christmas table

Christmas is coming and you’re rushing around making those last few finishing touches to the table. The dinner is planned and you’ve nailed getting the right wine accompaniment. But how to set the table to really make your evening unforgettable?

Try these top ten hacks to get your table ready for the season ahead.

Save your surface with our Mill Tray
Oils, Vinegars and salt can be corrosive to most surfaces and you’ll not want to be rushing to the kitchen for a cloth every time someone chooses to season their food. If you’re conscious of keeping your table not just neat and tidy but future proof, invest in our Mill Tray, which is not only great for wet drizzle spills but presents your salt & pepper to take centre stage.

Ensure your Salt & Peppers are topped up
Just keep our Refills Jars on standby. They also make a great gift to accompany any of our mills this Christmas, ideal as they come in a box so are easily wrapped.

Don’t over-crowd it
It’s easy to get carried away with cramming the table with lots of lovely things, but we believe less is more. There’s nothing worse than not finding a clear place to set down your wine after the toast.

Table confetti – it’s a no-no
Do away with eco-enemy single use plastics this Christmas by setting an example to all of your guests. Instead choose a beautiful woven tablecloth or neat, plain white settings for ultimate luxe.

Go for Gold
If in doubt, just go all out! Gold is making a huge come-back in the kitchen thanks to the new glamour or the resurgence of the roaring twenties. For 2021, choose our Gold Derwent Salt & Pepper Mills, which not only look great but will last for more Christmases to come, as they have a lifetime guarantee. Buy once, buy well is our motto for 2022.

Beware the heat-freaks
Yes - you know the type. They put chilli on everything, spoiling all the time you've spent slaving away in the kitchen sampling with a big spoon throughout the last few hours. So get them back with our Chilli Salt, available in our Aromatic Salt & Pepper Set, coming soon. Just refill a salt mill with this hot salt, and watch as they crawl around the room trying to recover and hear the room roar with laughter.

Set the ambiance safely
Candles are a great idea, so keep them away from flying hands and knocked by drinks in a storm vase. Classy and practical, you can burn larger candles for hours in these, they look pretty and their reassuring weight ensures they stay put on the centre of the table when someone gets up to move. 

Always provide after-dinner chocolates
The old fashioned tradition which will never date. Serves just after or with coffee, a selection of mini chocolates is a nice treat. We dust them with fine ground salt for a classy twist. Just try not to eat them all before hand...

Serve Coffee topped with Cocoa and Nutmeg
Go all barista on your guests and dust off coffees with seasonal toppings, using our Beehive Shaker Set. Sprinkle a touch of nutmeg on their latte's, or top a bowl of ice cream for the little one with some cocoa. 

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