How to dress your dining table at Christmas

By Katrina Lander

Out of all the occasions that I decorate my table throughout the year, there’s something about decorating it for Christmas that makes it my favourite. The festive colours, candles, and décor make the room look cosy and inviting.

I’ve been looking forward to matching my table décor to suit my Cole and Mason red Hoxton mills (how perfect are they for Christmas?!), here are some of my top tips on how to match your table décor to suit your mills.

Start with your colour scheme

Picking a colour scheme will make shopping for decorations a lot simpler. There is nothing worse than buying numerous 'decs to later find out they don’t quite go together, and you end up feeling like you’re starting all over again.

The traditional Christmas colours are red and green. I personally love sticking to these as the main colours for my table design, but also love adding a touch of additional colours to combine, my favourite are gold and white. Silver and blue are another great choice of colours to use.

Make use of what you have

Leftover Christmas candles? Already have a garland you can reuse? Look at your existing decorations for inspiration and where to start. I have a bag of red and gold baubles that never all go on my tree at once, so these are a perfect accessory to add to my table. I went for red this year, as I knew these would pair perfectly with my Cole & Mason red Hoxton Mills.

What salt & pepper mills do you have?

My favourite Christmassy Cole & Mason mills are the red London and red Hoxton mills, and the gold Derwent mills, they’re bold and make a statement in their own way.

When incorporating your mills into your table décor, you want to allow them to stand out and make a statement. I would recommend using an alternative colour next to the mills i.e. I have surrounded my red Hoxton mills with green foliage which really allow the colours to complement each other.

What salt & pepper mills do you have? Use these to look at the additional colours to combine into your colour scheme, some of the mills have accents of gold or silver, which are perfect to pair with your Christmas themed table.

Once you’ve looked at the decorations you already have your ideas will flow and your table will come together.  

Use decorations that complement each other

When using bold colours such as red, the key is to make your decorations balanced. By using too much of a bold colour the decorations can get a little lost.

Adding white or silver candles can help bring bold colours together and allow them to stand out.

Whichever colour scheme you choose, enjoy decorating your dining table, it really is so much fun and I’m sure your guests will love it.

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