How to keep cut flowers fresher for longer

Having fresh flowers in your home is a beautiful addition to bring colour and scent all year round. Whether you’re displaying an arrangement for a special occasion or picking your favourite stems from the garden, keep your flowers fresher for longer with these top tips:

Make sure the vessel you choose is clean. Whatever vessel you choose to display your flowers, you want to make sure it is clean and free from bacteria before you begin arranging your flowers. Cleaning your vase with a little bit of bleach will ensure the perfect environment for your flowers.

Choose the vessel carefully. If you have lots of stems in your arrangement you will need space for them, so they’re not cramped. Lighter, more fragile cut flowers belong in a taller vase and heavy blooms suit shorter vases where they will have extra room to spread out.

Cut all stems, regardless of if they’re from a florist. Allow your followers to absorb water by trimming the ends at a 45-degree angle and replacing the water regularly.

Prune any leaves below the waterline. Remove the leaves off the stems so that none are touching the water, this reduces bacteria getting into the water and helps your flowers to last longer.

Keep the arrangement out of direct sunlight or a direct heat source. Shaded and cool areas with indirect sunlight are the best place to display your flowers.

Sometimes you might need to substitute cold water for warm water. For some stems like Peonies, if you are trying to get your flowers to open, substitute cold water for warm water to get the flower heads to open. Once open swap the water back to cold.

Change the water every few days. Rinsing the vase and replacing the water regularly whilst removing any wilting flowers will ensure your arrangement lasts longer. If only a few stems remain, reduce your vase size down, or use a jug to display the remaining stems, remembering to cut them to size first.

Nurture your flowers with a flower food packet. If your flowers arrive with food be sure to use it. If not a few drops of bleach in the water will help preserve your blooms. Alternatively, make your own flower food by dissolving 3 tablespoons of sugar with 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar per litre of warm water. The sugar will act as the feed for your flowers, while the vinegar will eliminate bacteria in the water.

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