Expert Review: Katrina Lander uses the Cole & Mason Saunderton Spice storage & shaker

Our guest blogger and Katrina Lander @fitnessfodmap_ guest edits this blog post for Cole & Mason UK.

I am obsessed with my Cole & Mason Saunderton Spice storage & shaker. Not only does it look good, but it is convenient in so many ways.

Having the Cole & Mason Saunderton Spice storage & shaker has saved me space in what used to be my ‘spice drawer’. Rather than having 5 separate jars, I use my spice storage & shaker which holds all 5 spices in the one product. One whole jar fills the container so I don’t have to worry about storing the jars anywhere.  Due to the look of the product, I leave it on show in my kitchen, as opposed to tucking it away in a drawer/cupboard which has resulted in me having extra kitchen storage space.

I am a massive advocate of cooking from scratch, which means I am constantly using spices in my cooking. The spice storage & shaker contains the perfect combination of spices, my three favourite staples being ground cinnamon, ground paprika and cumin seeds.

3 ways to use spices:

Ground cinnamon works so well in porridge, it adds a touch of spice and is great for the autumn/winter months. Try adding some stewed apple into the mix for the perfect combination.

As well as a warming porridge, have you ever added ground cinnamon to your sweet potatoes before baking? I urge you to give it a try if you haven’t already, the two work so well together.

Cumin seeds toasted/fried makes the base for a perfect curry, the aromas smell wonderfully fragrant, and it adds a richness to the dish.

Another great way to use cumin seeds is for the base of a soup, carrot and cumin is a perfect match and a firm favourite of mine.

Ground paprika is a staple spice in a large variety of my savoury dishes such as chilli, paella, and stew. Amend your shaker to the sprinkle selection and add a little to your egg mayonnaise for a mild sweetness. Alternatively amend your shaker to the pour selection to use the spice as a rub over meat.

As well as being so versatile, paprika offers a vibrant deep red colour making dishes look bright and appealing.


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