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Fresh Herb Keepers

After a century of business, we like to think of ourselves as experts in more than just salt and pepper, but flavour overall, and that includes herbs and spices. That’s why in 2016, we expanded our flavour portfolio and introduced our fresh herb keepers. 

The range features a number of innovative herb keepers, an eye-catching and practical tool specifically designed to help keep your herbs fresher for longer. Dried spices and herbs will always have their place in the store cupboard, but you can’t beat the strong, pungent flavour of fresh herbs in your food. Whether it’s basil and oregano in your tomato sauce, rosemary on your roast chicken or butter-fried sage on your pasta. 

The herb keepers come in two designs. There are self-watering herb keepers that use hydro felt pads to keep your potted herbs fresh. Simply place your potted herbs into the keeper and easily refill whenever the herbs have absorbed all the water. 

If you prefer to buy cut herbs, we would recommend the freshly cut herb keeper. It fits easily into your fridge’s door shelf and allows your herbs to breathe without drying out, keeping them fresh for up to 10 days longer.

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