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Herbs, spices, oil & vinegar

Our herbs, spices, oil and vinegar section is where you’ll find everything you need to bring more flavour to your home cooking than you ever thought possible. Find all the ingredients you need and the perfect tools to prepare them in our collection.  

There are elegant and artisan oil and vinegar pourers to help you perfect your salads, complete with an innovative flow control spout which means you only ever use as much dressing as you need. We created our own drip return system to stop rogue oil or vinegar escaping as well. If you want to create a less subtle dressing, you can always use our dressing shaker too. 

Keep your potted herbs fresher for even longer with our self-watering herb keepers and then grind them into a delicious pesto or sauce using our high-quality granite pestle and mortars. Also available is the elegant Suribachi Mortar and Pestle, a beautiful ceramic set, equipped with a wooden pestle, modelled on the traditional Japanese Suribachi and Surikogi.

Whether you’re making curries or stews, bolognese or chilli, our huge selection of spice racks and carousels will help you add flavour to any dish. Go big and bold or soft and subtle; the choice is yours.

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Ceramic Pourer
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    Shaw 6 Jar Herb & Spice RackShaw 6 Jar Herb & Spice Rack
    Shaw 6 Jar Herb & Spice Rack
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