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Salt And Pepper Mill Sets

Salt is nothing without pepper and pepper is nothing without salt.
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This is a mantra we’ve been using since we invented our first wooden mill all the way back in 1946. The salt and pepper mill sets in this range showcase the best of that classic partnership, with beautiful, long-lasting mill sets crafted from the finest woods like sustainable beech and ashwood as well as copper, stainless steel and clear acrylic.

A number of the sets feature our Precision+ mechanism. This is our new and improved mill mechanism based on the Excellence in Housewares award-winning Precision mills. The Precision+ takes it even further and features carbon steel mechanisms that strip peppercorns instead of crushing them, and a diamond-sharp ceramic mechanism for salt, guaranteeing you maximum flavour with each turn.

The stunning salt and pepper mill sets will add a touch of class to any kitchen, help you bring any dish to life and also work as a perfect gift for any cooking enthusiasts.

All mills in the range can be easily adjusted based on how coarse or fine you want your salt or pepper. This means you can crack satisfyingly chunky bits of peppercorn onto a pizza, but immediately adjust it to be able to deliver a fine powder of seasoning into a sauce or on a salad.

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