Wallis Nutmeg Grinder Mill 70mm

SKU: H101119


Our Wallis Nutmeg Grinder is the perfect accompaniment to your kitchen. The 2 stainless steel serrated blades effortlessly cut through each kernel for a superior grind releasing full and fresh flavour, every time.

technical specifications

Measures 6.4 x 10 x 15.2 cm, 300g

Comes in a box so easy to wrap as a gift

Arrives empty

Made from high quality, crystal clear acrylic

2 Year Guarantee

crank handle mechanism

expertly engineered

To mill the nutmeg, just turn the crank handle to sprinkle the light dusting over mash potato, ice cream and that delectable coffee.

The nutmegs are easily replaced by opening the bottom of the shaft, and hold up to 6 kernels.

The spring loaded mechanism pushes the nutmeg into the serrated blades for a consistent grind. The design features a unique ‘lift and deliver’ mechanism in the handle to guarantee the next nutmeg will fall into place.

Keep it out on your kitchen surface or store it away - it's the perfect size for all.

spice up your morning

Transform your coffee

Put your ground coffee, 1 small stick of cinnamon and a couple of pitted dates in a large cafetiere. Add a pinch of ground nutmeg, two cloves and orange zest, then pour over 400ml freshly boiled water. Stir gently with a wooden spoon to combine, then leave to steep for 4 mins. Slowly push down the plunger and serve in espresso cups.


seasonal recipies

culinary inspiration

The Wallis Nutmeg Grinder should be on hand for seasonal dishes throughout the year. Our absolute favorite is this delicious Pear & Brioche Bread & Butter pudding by Angela Patel.

Using the mill makes it easy to add that warming spicy flavour that goes so well with the creamy custard. Place the stylish looking mill on the table when you serve the pudding so everyone can add a little extra sprinkle on top.


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