What are spices, and where do they come from?

Open your spice cupboard, and the undeniable amalgamation of aromas will tantalise your nostrils. Maybe it will trigger memories of a time travelled far away, or the last restaurant you dined at.

How to use herbs to get the very best out of them by James Bacon

After learning the hard way, this is my top tip how to use herbs to get the very best out of them. Use them the wrong way and your food will not sing; use them the right way and your dishes will be full-on gospel choirs!

Expert Review: Katrina Lander uses the Cole & Mason Saunderton Spice storage & shaker

I am obsessed with my Cole & Mason Saunderton Spice storage & shaker. Not only does it look good, but it is convenient in so many ways...

What Seasonings Go Great Together?

English food tends to have a reputation of being bland and lacking seasoning. Despite our traditional Yorkshire puddings, mince pies, fish and chip...

How To Use Vinegar in Cooking

Tangy and flavour-enhancing, vinegar can bring a new dynamic to a range of dishes.

Your Olive Oil Cooking Questions Answered

Whether you’re a keen salad dressing maker, Italian cuisine enthusiast, or just adore healthy oils with aromatic flavours, you probably use olive o...

Different Ways to Enjoy Olive Oil All Year Round

From sauteing and shallow-frying to sizzling on the barbecue, olive oil is a fantastic ingredient to cook with. Even a little drizzle of oil can he...

Choosing the Right Size Grind for Black Pepper

When a recipe calls for black pepper, it can be easy to just reach for the jar of pre-ground pepper on your spice rack. And for some dishes, a fine...

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