How To Grow Your Herbs During The Summer Months

By Katrina Lander

There’s nothing quite like growing your own herbs and having them to hand to throw into a sauce, garnish a drink or finish off a recipe, they really can make all the difference and provide that finishing touch. 

Do you notice yourself continuously purchasing fresh herbs? It’s a problem I had when I was forgetting to water them consistently during the summer months.

The Burwell herb keepers are the perfect solution to keep your herbs thriving, plus they look neat, are easy to use and keep your herbs tidy.

See my tips and tricks below on growing your herbs through the summer months using the Burwell herb keepers:

1. Don't Over Complicate

What I love about the Burwell herb keepers does is that they do not require you to replant your herbs, just simply insert a hydro felt pad under the retaining arm and place your potted herb into the container.

2. Sunlight is key

Light is one of the most important elements when growing your herbs indoors, ensure your herbs are exposed to the sun by positioning your herb keeper as close as possible to your window, make sure to choose the sunniest spot with the longest amount of sun to maximise sun exposure – a south or southwest facing window would be ideal. Rotate your herb plants so that the entire plant is exposed to the light.

If you’re unable to position your herb keeper in prolonged sun exposed areas, opt for chives, parsley and mint which don’t require as much intense sun exposure as other herbs.  

3. Ventilation

Air circulation is important for indoor herb growing, it also helps prevent diseases and bug issues.

4. Water

Fill with water through the spout of your herb keeper and check regularly to refill as the plant will absorb water through the pads. I would advise watering in the morning to give the herbs time to absorb the water through the day.

Keep an eye on leaves becoming yellow or black, the cause of this is usually overwatering, which means you may need to adjust your routine.

5. Replace your hydro felt pad

All herb keepers include hydro felt pads which can be washed and re-used. Ensure you are changing your felt pads monthly, (you can buy the pads separately online).

6. Maintain your herbs

Don’t worry, it’s not a lot of work and your herbs don’t need to be maintained daily, but a weekly light trim (from the top) promotes general health and will maintain continued growth. Be sure not to cut more than a third of the overall plant.

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