How to Style An Autumnal Table

By Katrina Lander

There are several things I love about hosting, one of these being decorating my table to the current season or a specific theme. It can be a fun way to add a festive touch and create a memorable atmosphere.  Here are some of my top tips to give you some inspiration for decorating your table;  

Foraging / Artificial foliage and flowers

Foraging is a fantastic way to decorate your table and, of course, it’s free. You can forage at any time of the year, however in my opinion Autumn is one of the best seasons to go outside and get foraging for your own flowers and foliage.

Before heading out I like to have in mind what I am looking for; the colours I am sticking to and the amount I intend to use. It’s always best to check for any local restrictions and be aware of protected species beforehand.

It’s not just foliage and flowers that I opt for, twigs and pinecones are both great for styling a table and can be spray-painted to fit in with your theme.  

If foraging isn’t for you, artificial foliage and flowers work just as well, and they can be reused time and time again.

Table runner

A table runner is the perfect way to give yourself a centre point to decorate, it gives you plenty of room for styling whilst also ensuring you don’t go OTT. Alternatively, if you prefer a minimalist look, a table runner can be a subtle way to add décor without overcrowding the table. 

They also protect the tables surface from spills, heat, or scratches, acting as barrier between the table and any objects placed on top.


Linen napkins add elegance and sophistication to your table, they can be a great way to add a pop of colour and inject some life into your table.

They can be folded in various creative ways, or you can use napkin rings to add an extra decorative element. 

Finishing touches

For me the finishing touches are the most memorable.

Place cards are great if you would like to have assigned seating and make your dinner party a little more formal, I personally enjoy crafting my own. One idea is to write your guests name on a leaf you’ve foraged (gold writing pairs well with the green).

Ensure that your plates, utensils, and napkins are placed elegantly.

Impress your guests with a statement salt and pepper mill set which (as well as being practical) will add height and elegance to your dining table, I have chosen the London Mill in the colour Natural Beech to pair with my table setting and use as my centrepiece. Your guests can easily adjust the grind from fine to coarse by turning the knob on the top of the mill, bringing a touch of sophistication to your table and meal.

Decanters are another way to bring elegance to any table and once filled also add a pop of colour. Accessorize within season/theme - for autumn I like to add mini pumpkin candles and assorted squashes to my table design.



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