Styling Your Kitchen

Styling your kitchen

After months of planning and years of saving I finally had a new kitchen installed this year. The colour palette of sage green and brushed gold for the units is paired with Calcutta Gold quartz for the surfaces, which is predominantly white with thin seams of gold and black running through. The challenge then was to accessorise this with pieces to bring warmth, contrasts of colour and texture, and of course, utility. The Cole & Mason Black Ceramic Kitchen Storage Range Set 7 pc – Cole & Mason UK ( alongside the warm wood of the Cole & Mason | Acacia Wooden Chopping & Serving Board – Cole & Mason UK ( have been central to providing this and have helped create a contemporary and functional space.

Top 5 tips for accessorising your kitchen.

  1. Functionality

A functional space for cooking is the prime consideration for me in a new kitchen. I chose a gas hob with electric ovens and kept clear focus on having the crucial equipment close by. The area around the hob is crucial for a home cook and having essential items to hand makes cooking that much easier. The Cole & Mason | Strethall Ceramic Kitchen Salt Storage Keeper Salt Pig 11cm – Cole & Mason UK ( sits to the right of my hob and I love being able to season and taste as I go. Top quality sea salt is essential in finishing dishes and bringing out the best flavours. 

2. Storage solutions

The Cole & Mason | Linton Ceramic Kitchen Utensil Storage Pot – Cole & Mason UK ( pairs perfectly here too and I have any utensils I am using to hand. Equally, garlic is central to so many of the dishes I cook, and I have always found it difficult to know where and how to store it. The Cole & Mason | Elmdon Ceramic Garlic Kitchen Storage Jar 120mm – Cole & Mason UK ( has proved the answer, protecting the bulbs from light but with air holes to keep it fresh – genius! I have to say, though, the best money you can possibly spend and maybe the most used item in my kitchen is the Cole & Mason | Duxford Ceramic Spoon Rest 11cm – Cole & Mason UK ( I went without a spoon rest for years and now I have no idea why! The Cole & Mason | Hinxton Ceramic Kitchen Storage Jars – Cole & Mason UK ( complete the look and I particularly value the spaghetti jar which is so useful and prevents those awful moments when the half-finished packet came out of the cupboard upside down

3. Styling with wood

The modern style of my kitchen units meant I needed to find pieces to add warmth and Cole & Mason | Acacia Wooden Chopping & Serving Board – Cole & Mason UK ( is perfect for this. By having boards and the Cole & Mason | Ashden Acacia Mezzaluna with Chopping Board – Cole & Mason UK ( sitting out on the surfaces it added useful and beautiful pieces to finish the look. I also made the mistake of having my electric points too high and I use the boards to hide this from view!

 4. Open Shelving

Open shelving in a kitchen allows for a space to display decorative items and mix these with storage of food. I use my Cole & Mason | Hinxton Ceramic Kitchen Storage Jars – Cole & Mason UK ( alongside some plants, candles, pots and vases to decorate. The vast range of colours available in the Cole & Mason | Derwent Salt & Pepper Mills 190mm – Cole & Mason UK ( also allow me to match these to the gold knobs and counter top or go for a more classic wooden mill on display.

 5. Lighting

Lighting is a real personal preference, but I like having different options depending on my mood and the time of day. A roof lantern changed made a huge difference in a north/east facing room and light now floods in during the day. In the evening the under the counter lighting, alongside side lights and a couple of lamps and candles can be used to create the exact ambience you want. My final indulgence was a neon sign to add a little fun – maybe not everyone’s taste but the kitchen in your home should reflect your own personal taste!


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